Forum Geometricorum
Volume 17 (2017)

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7. Li Zhou, Do dogs know the bifurcation locus?, 45--46.
6. Giovanni Lucca, Chains of tangent circles inscribed in a triangle, 41--44.
5. Chai Wah Wu, Counting the number of isosceles triangles in rectangular regular grids, 31--39.
4. Giovanni Lucca, Circle chains inscribed in symmetrical lunes and integer sequences, 21--29.
3. Manfred Pietsch, The golden ratio and regular polygons, 17--19.
2. Gerasimos T. Soldatos, A toroidal approach to the Archimedean quadrature, 13--15.
1. Jan Kristian Haugland, A note on conic sections and tangent circles, 1--12.