Şahlar Meherrem, Gizem Günel Açıksöz, Serenay Şen, Zeynep Sezer, and Güneş Başkes,
Geometric Inequalities in Pedal Quadrilaterals,
Forum Geometricorum, 18 (2018) 309--320.

Abstract. The aim of this paper is to investigate the general properties of the pedal quadrilateral of a point P with respect to a convex and closed quadrilateral ABCD. In particular, we present an analogue of Erdos-Mordell Inequality, stating that for any triangle ABC and a point P inside ABC, the sum of the distances from P to the sides is less than or equal to half of the sum of the distances from P to the vertices of ABC, for an inscribed quadrilateral.


Note on change of pagination


This paper was formerly published in pp. 103--114 of the present volume, in the space available from a paper (FG201817) withdrawn. Zentralblatt MATH has demanded us to restore the withdrawn paper with a note of retraction. We are hereby assigning the present paper to pp. 309--320 as FG201837. This is the only change we make to the paper. We apologize to the authors and readers for the inconvenience we may have caused.

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