Forum Geometricorum
Volume 18 (2018)

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21. Eugen J. Ionaşcu, The ``circle" of Apollonius in Hyperbolic Geometry, 135--140.
20. Michel Bataille, Constructing a triangle from two vertices and the symmedian point, 129--133.
19. Nicholas D. Brubaker, Jasmine Camero, Oscar Rocha Rocha, Roberto Soto, and Bogdan D. Suceavă, A curvature invariant inspired by Leonhard Euler's inequality R ≥ 2r, 119--127.
18. Gábor Gévay, An extension of Miquel's six-circles theorem, 115--118.
17. Şahlar Meherrem, Gizem Günel Açıksöz, Serenay Şen, Zeynep Sezer, and Güneş Başkes, Geometric inequalities in pedal quadrilaterals, 103--114.
16. Hiroshi Okumura and Saburou Saitoh, Remarks for the twin circles of Archimedes in a skewed arbelos, 99--102.
15. Gerasimos T. Soldatos, A toroidal approach to the doubling of the cube, 93--97.
14. Paris Pamfilos, Parabola conjugate to rectangular hyperbola, 87--92.
13. Robert Bosch, A new proof of Erdős-Mordell inequality, 83--86.
12. Francisco Javier Garcıa Capitán, A family of triangles for which two specific triangle centers have the same coordinates, 79--82.
11. Li Zhou, Primitive Heronian triangles with integer inradius and exradii, 71--77.
10. Apostolos Hadjidimos, Twins of Hofstadter elements, 63--70.
9. Michel Bataille, On the extrema of some distance ratios, 57--62.
8. Giovanni Lucca, Integer sequences and circle chains inside a circular segment, 47--55.
7. Lubomir P. Markov, Revisiting the infinite surface area of Gabriel's horn, 45--46.
6. Hiroshi Okumura, A remark on the arbelos and the regular star polygon, 43--44.
5. Manfred Pietsch, Two hinged regular n-sided polygons, 39--42.
4. Samuel G. Moreno and Esther M. Garcıa--Caballero, Irrationality of √2: Yet another visual proof, 37--38.
3. C. E. Garza-Hume, Maricarmen C. Jorge, and Arturo Olvera, Areas and shapes of planar irregular polygons, 17--36.
2. Carl Eberhart, Revisiting the quadrisection problem of Jacob Bernoulli, 7--16.
1. Stefan Liebscher and Dierck-E. Liebscher, The relativity of conics and circles, 1--6.