Forum Geometricorum
Volume 1 (2001)

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    1. Floor van Lamoen, Friendship among triangle centers, 1--6.
    2. Hojoo Lee, Another proof of the Erdos-Mordell theorem, 7--8.
    3. Edward Brisse, Perspective poristic triangles, 9--16.
    4. K. R. S. Sastry, Heron triangles: a Gergonne-cevian-and-median perspective, 17--24.
    5. Sabrina Bier, Equilateral triangles intercepted by oriented parallelians, 25--32.
    6. Cyril Parry, The isogonal tripolar conic, 33--42.
    7. Oene Bottema, The Malfatti problem, 43--50; supplement, 50a.
    8. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann and Bernard Gibert, A Morley configuration, 51--58.
    9. Antreas P. Hatzipolakis, Floor van Lamoen, Barry Wolk, and Paul Yiu, Concurrency of four Euler lines, 59--68.
    10. Bruce Shawyer, Some remarkable concurrences, 69--74.
    11. Nikolaos Dergiades, The Gergonne problem, 75--79.
    12. Antreas P. Hatzipolakis and Paul Yiu, Pedal triangles and their shadows, 81--90.
    13. Alexei Myakishev, Some properties of the Lemoine point, 91--97.
    14. Clark Kimberling, Multiplying and dividing curves by points, 99--105.
    15. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann and Bernard Gibert, The Simson cubic, 107--114.
    16. Kean Dean and Floor van Lamoen, Geometric construction of reciprocal conjugations, 115--120.
    17. Lev Emelyanov and Tatiana Emelyanova, A note on the Feuerbach point, 121--124.
    18. Floor van Lamoen and Paul Yiu, The Kiepert pencil of Kiepert hyperbolas, 125;--132.
    19. Peter Woo, Simple constructions of the incircle of an arbelos, 133--136.
    20. Lev Emelyanov and Tatiana Emelyanova, Euler's formula and Poncelet's porism, 137--140.
    21. Clark Kimberling, Conics associated with a cevian nest, 141--150.
    22. Floor van Lamoen, P_ell-perpendicularity, 151--160.
    23. Clark Kimberling, Cubics associated with triangles of equal areas, 161--171.
    24. Lev Emelyanov, A Feuerbach type theorem on six circles, 173--175; correction, 176.