Forum Geometricorum
Volume 2 (2002)

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    1. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, A pair of Kiepert hyperbolas, 1--4.
    2. Floor van Lamoen, Some concurrencies from Tucker hexagons, 5--13.
    3. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Congruent inscribed rectangles, 15--19.
    4. Clark Kimberling, Collineation, conjugacies, and cubics, 21--32.
    5. Floor van Lamoen, Equilateral chordal triangles, 33--37.
    6. Gilles Boute, The Napoleon configuration, 39--46.
    7. Bernard Gibert, The Lemoine cubic and its generalizations, 47--63.
    8. Kurt Hofstetter, A simple construction of the golden section, 65--66.
    9. Lawrence Evans, A rapid construction of some triangle centers, 67--70.
    10. Peter Yff, A generalization of the Tucker circles, 71--87.
    11. Lawrence Evans, A conic through six triangle centers, 89--92.
    12. Benedetto Scimemi, Paper-folding and Euler's theorem revisited, 93--104.
    13. Zvonko Cerin, Loci related to variable flanks, 105--113.
    14. Barukh Ziv, Napoleon-like configurations and sequences of triangles, 115--128.
    15. Nicolaos Dergiades, An elementary proof of the isoperimetric inequality, 129--130.
    16. Nicolaos Dergiades, The perimeter of a cevian triangle, 131--134.
    17. Fred Lang, Geometry and group structures of some cubics, 135--146.
    18. Charles Thas, On some remarkable concurrences, 147--149.
    19. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann and Floor van Lamoen, The Stammler circles, 151--161.
    20. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann and Floor van Lamoen, Some similarities associated with pedals, 163--166.
    21. K. R. S. Sastry Brahmagupta quadrilaterals, 167--173.
    22. Darij Grinberg and Paul Yiu, The Apollonius circle as a Tucker circle, 175--182.
    23. Wilfred Reyes, An application of Th\'ebault's theorem, 183--183.