Forum Geometricorum
Volume 3 (2003)

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    1. Bernard Gibert, Orthocorrespondence and orthopivotal cubics, 1--27.
    2. Alexei Myakishev, On the procircumcenter and related points, 29--34.
    3. Clark Kimberling, Bicentric pairs of points and related triangle centers, 35--47.
    4. Lawrence Evans, Some configurations of triangle centers, 49--56.
    5. Alexei Myakishev and Peter Woo, On the circumcenters of cevasix configurations, 57--63.
    6. Floor van Lamoen, Napoleon triangles and Kiepert perspectors, 65--71.
    7. Paul Yiu, On the Fermat lines, 73--81.
    8. Milorad Stevanovic, Triangle centers associated with the Malfatti circles, 83--93.
    9. Wilfred Reyes, The Lucas circles and the Descartes formula, 95--100.
    10. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Similar pedal and cevian triangles, 101--104.
    11. Darij Grinberg, On the Kosnita point and the reflection triangle, 105--111.
    12. Lev Emelyanov and Tatiana Emelyanova, A note on the Schiffler point, 113--116.
    13. Nikolaos Dergiades and Juan Carlos Salazar, Harcourt's theorem, 117--124.
    14. Mario Dalcin, Isotomic inscribed triangles and their residuals, 125--134.
    15. Alexei Myakishev, The M-configuration of a triangle, 135--144.
    16. Nikolaos Dergiades and Floor van Lamoen, Rectangles attached to the sides of a triangle, 145--159.
    17. Charles Thas, A generalization of the Lemoine point, 161--167.
    18. Bernard Gibert and Floor van Lamoen, The parasix configuration and orthocorrespondence, 169--180.
    19. Lawrence Evans, A tetrahedral arrangement of triangle centers, 181--186.
    20. Milorad Stevanovic, The Apollonius circle and related triangle centers, 187--195.
    21. Milorad Stevanovic, Two triangle centers associated with the excircles, 197--203.
    22. Kurt Hofstetter, A 5-step division of a segment in the golden section, 205--206.
    23. Eckart Schmidt, Circumcenters of residual triangles, 207--214.
    24. Floor van Lamoen, Circumrhombi, 215--223.
    25. Jean-Louis Ayme, Sawayama and Thebault's theorem, 225--229.
    26. Bernard Gibert, Antiorthocorrespondents of Circumconics, 231--249.