Nikolaos Dergiades and Paul Yiu, Antiparallels and concurrent Euler lines,
Forum Geometricorum, 4 (2004) 1--20.

Abstract: We study the condition for concurrency of the Euler lines of the three triangles each bounded by two sides of a reference triangle and an antiparallel to the third side. For example, if the antiparallels are concurrent at P and the three Euler lines are concurrent at Q, then the loci of P and Q are respectively the tangent to the Jerabek hyperbola at the Lemoine point, and the line parallel to the Brocard axis through the inverse of the deLongchamps point in the circumcircle.  We also obtain an interesting cubic as the locus of the point P for which the three Euler lines are concurrent when the antiparallels are constructed through the vertices of the cevian triangle of P.

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