Forum Geometricorum
Volume 4 (2004)

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    1. Nikolaos Dergiades and Paul Yiu, Antiparallels and concurrency of Euler lines, 1--20.
    2. Kurt Hofstetter, Another 5-step division of a segment in the golden section, 21--22.
    3. Mirko Radic, Extremes areas of triangles in Poncelet's closure theorem, 23--26.
    4. Hiroshi Okumura and Masayuki Watanabe, The Archimedean circles of Schoch and Woo, 27--34.
    5. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Steiner's theorems on the complete quadrilateral, 35--52.
    6. Atul Dixit and Darij Grinberg, Orthopoles and the Pappus theorem, 53--59.
    7. Juan Carlos Salazar, On the areas of the intouch and extouch triangles, 61--65.
    8. Nikolaos Dergiades, Signed distances and the Erdos-Mordell inequality, 67--68.
    9. Eric Danneels, A simple construction of the congruent isoscelizers point, 69--71.
    10. K. R. S. Sastry, Triangles with special isotomic conjugate pairs, 73--80.
    11. Lev Emelyanov, On the intercepts of the OI-line, 81--84.
    12. Charles Thas, On the Schiffler point, 85--95.
    13. Zvonko Cerin, The vertex-midpoint-centroid triangles, 97--109.
    14. Nicolae Anghel, Minimal chords in angular regions, 111--115.
    15. Li C. Tien, Three pairs of congruent circles in a circle, 117--124.
    16. Eric Danneels, The intouch triangle and the OI-line, 125--134.
    17. Eric Danneels and Nikolaos Dergiades, A theorem on orthology centers, 135--141.
    18. Roger C. Alperin, A grand tour of pedals of conics, 143--151.
    19. Minh Ha Nguyen and Nikolaos Dergiades, Garfunkel's inequality, 153--156.
    20. Paris Pamfilos, On some actions of D_3 on the triangle, 157--176.
    21. Bernard Gibert, Generalized Mandart conics, 177--198.
    22. Nguyen Minh Ha, Another proof of Fagnano's inequality, 199--201.
    23. Walther Janous, Further inequalities of Erdos-Mordell type, 203--206.
    24. Floor van Lamoen, Inscribed squares, 207--214.
    25. Victor Oxman, On the existence of triangles with given lengths of one side and two adjacent angle bisectors, 215--218.
    26. Jean-Louis Ayme, A purely synthetic proof of the Droz-Farny line theorem, 219--224.
    27. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann and Floor van Lamoen, A projective generalization of the Droz-Farny line theorem, 225--227.
    28. Hiroshi Okumura and Masayuki Watanabe, The twin circles of Archimedes in a skewed arbelos, 229--251.
    29. Darij Grinberg and Alex Myakishev, A generalization of the Kiepert hyperbola, 253--260.