Forum Geometricorum
Volume 5 (2005)

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    1. Steve Sigur, Where are the conjugates? 1--15.
    2. Khoa Lu Nguyen, A synthetic proof of Goormaghtigh's generalization of Musselman's theorem, 17--20.
    3. Victor Oxman, On the existence of triangles with given lengths of one side, the opposite and an adjacent angle bisectors, 21--22.
    4. Thierry Gensane and Philippe Ryckelynck, On the maximal inflation of two squares, 23--31.
    5. Sadi Abu-Saymeh and Mowaffaq Hajja, Triangle centers with linear intercepts and linear subangles, 33--36.
    6. Hiroshi Okumura and Masayuki Watanabe, The arbelos in $n$-aliquot parts, 37--45.
    7. Bart De Bruyn, On a problem regarding the n-sectors of a triangle, 47--52.
    8. Eric Danneels, A simple construction of a triangle from its centroid, incenter, and a vertex, 53--56.
    9. Aad Goddijn and Floor van Lamoen, Triangle-conic porism, 57--61.
    10. Antreas Varverakis, A maximal property of cyclic quadrilaterals, 63--64.
    11. Sadi Abu-Saymeh and Mowaffaq Hajja, Some Brocard-like points of a triangle, 65--74.
    12. Paul Yiu, Elegant geometric constructions, 75--96.
    13. Peter J. C. Moses, Circles and triangle centers associated with the Lucas circles, 97--106.
    14. Jozsef Sandor, On the geometry of equilateral triangles, 107--117.
    15. K. R. S. Sastry, Construction of Brahmagupta n-gons, 119--126.
    16. Minh Ha Nguyen, Another proof of van Lamoen's theorem and its converse, 127--132.
    17. Frank Power, Some more Archimedean circles in the arbelos, 133--134.
    18. Kurt Hofstetter, Division of a segment in the golden section with ruler and rusty compass, 135--136.
    19. Ricardo M. Torrejon, On an Erdos inscribed triangle inequality, 137--141.
    20. Wladimir G. Boskoff and Bogdan D. Suceava, Applications of homogeneous functions to geometric inequalities and identities in the euclidean plane, 143--148.
    21. Khoa Lu Nguyen, On the complement of the Schiffler point, 149--164.
    22. Victor Oxman, On the existence of triangles with given circumcircle, incircle, and one additional element, 165--171.
    23. Eric Danneels, The Eppstein centers and the Kenmotu points, 173--180.
    24. Geoff C. Smith, Statics and the moduli space of triangles, 181--190.
    25. K. R. S. Sastry, A Gergonne analogue of the Steiner-Lehmus theorem, 191--195.