Forum Geometricorum
Volume 6 (2006)

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1. Khoa Lu Nguyen and Juan Carlos Salazar, On the mixtilinear incircles and excircles, 1--16.

2. Juan Rodriguez, Paula Manuel and Paulo Semiao, A conic associated with the Euler line, 17--23.

3. Charles Thas, A note on the Droz-Farny theorem, 25--28.

4. Paris Pamfilos, The cyclic complex of a cyclic quadrilateral, 29--46.

5. Bernard Gibert, Isocubics with concurrent normals, 47--52.

6. Mowaffaq Hajja and Margarita Spirova, A characterization of the centroid using June Lester's shape function, 53--55.

7. Christopher J. Bradley and Geoff C. Smith, The locations of triangle centers, 57--70.

8. Christopher J. Bradley and Geoff C. Smith, The locations of the Brocard points, 71--77.

9. Floor van Lamoen, Archimedean adventures, 79--96.

10. Anne Fontaine and Susan Hurley, Proof by picture: Products and reciprocals of diagonals length ratios in the regular polygon, 97--101.

11. Hiroshi Okumura and Masayuki Watanabe, A generalization of Power's Archimedean circles, 103--105.

12. Stanley Rabinowitz, Pseudo-incircles, 107--115.

13. Wilson Stothers, Grassmann cubics and desmic structures, 117--138.

14. Matthew Hudelson, Concurrent medians of (2n+1)-gons, 139--147.

15. Dieter Ruoff, On the generating motions and the convexity of a well-known curve in hyperbolic geometry, 149--166.

16. Mowaffaq Hajja, A very short and simple proof of ``the most elementary theorem" of euclidean geometry, 167--169.

17. Sandor Kiss, The orthic-of-intouch and intouch-of-orthic triangles, 171--177.

18. Kurt Hofstetter, A 4-step construction of the golden ratio, 179--180.

19. Eisso J. Atzema, A theorem by Giusto Bellavitis on a class of quadrilaterals, 181--185.

20. Wladimir Boskoff and Bogdan Suceava, A projectivity characterized by the Pythagorean relation, 187--190.

21. Bogdan Suceava} and Paul Yiu, The Feuerbach point and Euler lines, 191--197.

22. Eric Danneels, A simple perspectivity, 199--203.

23. Quang Tuan Bui, Pedals on circumradii and the Jerabek center, 205--212.

24. Bernard Gibert, The Simmons conics, 213--224.

25. Nikolaos Dergiades, A synthetic proof and generalization of Bellavitis' theorem, 225--227.

26. Huub van Kempen, On some theorems of Poncelet and Carnot, 229--234.

27. Charles Thas, The Droz-Farny theorem and related topics, 235--240.

28. Zvonko Cerin, On butterflies inscribed in a quadrilateral, 241--246.

29. Eric Danneels, On triangles with vertices on the angle bisectors, 247--253.

30. Matthew Hudelson, Formulas among diagonals in the regular polygon and the Catalan numbers, 255--262.

31. Khoa Lu Nguyen, A note on the barycentric square root of Kiepert perspectors, 263--268.

32. Clark Kimberling, Translated triangle perspective to a reference triangle, 269--284.

33. James L. Parish, On the derivative of a vertex polynomial, 285--288.

34. Alexei Myakishev, On two remarkable lines related to a quadrilateral, 289--295.

35. Max A. Tran Intersecting circles and their inner tangent circle, 297--300.

36. K. R. S. Sastry, Two Brahmagupta problems, 301--310.

37. Floor van Lamoen, Square wreaths around hexagons, 311--325.

38. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Some geometric constructions, 327--334.

39. Amy Bell, Hansen's right triangle theorem, its converse and a generalization, 335--342.

40. Paul Yiu, Some constructions related to the Kiepert hyperbola, 343--357.