Forum Geometricorum
Volume 7 (2007)

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    1. Joseph Stern, Euler's triangle determination problem, 1--9.
    2. Christopher Bradley, David Monk, and Geoff Smith, On a porism associated with the Euler and Droz-Farny lines, 11--17.
    3. Yu-Dong Wu and Zhi-Hua Zhang, The edge-tangent sphere of a circumscriptible tetrahedron, 19--24.
    4. Melissa Baker and Robert Powers, A stronger triangle inequality for neutral geometry, 25--29.
    5. Jingcheng Tong and Sidney Kung, A simple construction of the golden ratio, 31--32.
    6. Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon A. Mnatsakanian, The method of the punctured containers, 33--52.
    7. Eric Danneels and Floor van Lamoen, Midcircles and the arbelos, 53--65.
    8. Clark Kimberling, Ceva collineations, 67--72.
    9. Paris Pamfilos, Orthocycles, bicentrics, and orthodiagonals, 73--86.
    10. Bernard Gibert, Bicevian Tucker circles, 87--97.
    11. Claudi Alsina and Roger B Nelsen, A visual proof of the Erdos-Mordell inequality, 99--102.
    12. Harold Connelly, Nikolaos Dergiades, and Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Construction of triangle from a vertex and the feet of two angle bisectors, 103--106.
    13. Giovanni Lucca, Three Pappus chains inside the arbelos: some identitites, 107--109.
    14. Floor van Lamoen, Some more Powerian pairs in the arbelos, 111--113.
    15. Quang Tuan Bui, The arbelos and nine-point circles, 115--120.
    16. Hiroshi Okumura and Masayuki Watanabe, Characterizations of an infinite set of Archimedean circles, 121--123.
    17. Hiroshi Okumura and Masayuki Watanabe, Remarks on Woo's Archimedean circles, 125--128.
    18. Lubomir Markov, Heronian triangles whose areas are integer multiples of their perimeters, 129--135.
    19. Sadi Abu-Saymeh and Mowaffaq Hajja, Coincidence of centers for scalene triangles, \quad 137--146.
    20. Claudi Alsina and Roger B. Nelsen, On the diagonals of a cyclic quadrilateral, 147--149.
    21. Tibor Dosa, Some triangle centers associated with the excircles, 151--158.
    22. Clark Kimberling, Fixed points and fixed lines of Ceva collineations, 159--168.
    23. Cosmin Pohoata and Paul Yiu, On a product of two points induced by their cevian triangles, 169--180.
    24. Apoloniusz Tyszka, Steinhaus' problem on partition of a triangle, 181--185.
    25. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Constructive solution of a generalization of Steinhaus' problem on partition of a triangle, 187--190.
    26. Nikolaus Dergiades, The Soddy circles, 191--197.
    27. Michel Bataille, Cyclic quadrilaterals with prescribed Varignon parallelogram, 199--206.
    28. Finbarr Holland, Another verification of Fagnano's theorem, 207--210.
    29. Bernard Gibert, How pivotal isocubics intersect the circumcircle, 211--229.
    30. Christopher Bradley and Geoff Smith, On a construction of Hagge, 231--247.