Forum Geometricorum
Volume 8 (2008)

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    1. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, An affine variant of a Steinhaus problem, 1--5.
    2. Quang Tuan Bui, Two triads of congruent circles from reflections, 7--12.
    3. George Baloglou and Michel Helfgott, Angles, area, and perimeter caught in a cubic, 13--25.
    4. Panagiotis T. Krasopoulos, Kronecker theorem and a sequence of triangles, 27--37.
    5. Mowaffaq Hajja, A short trigonometric proof of the Steiner-Lehmus theorem, 39--42.
    6. Cosmin Pohoata, On the Parry reflection point, 43--48.
    7. Floor van Lamoen and Paul Yiu, Construction of Malfatti squares, 49--59.
    8. Kurt Hofstetter, A simple ruler and rusty compass construction of the regular pentagon, 61--62.
    9. Yaroslav Bezverkhnyev, Haruki's lemma and a related locus problem, 63--72.
    10. Wei-Dong Jiang, An inequality involving the angle bisectors and an interior point of a triangle, 73--76.
    11. Bernard Gibert, Cubics related to coaxial circles, 77--95.
    12. Cosmin Pohoata, A short proof of Lemoine's theorem, 97--98.
    13. Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, Means as chords, 99--101.
    14. Mowaffaq Hajja, A condition for a circumscriptible quadrilateral to be cyclic, 103--106.
    15. Nicolas Bedaride, Periodic billiard trajectories in polyhedra, 107--120.
    16. Maria Flavia Mammana, Biagio Micale, and Mario Pennisi, On the centroids of polygons and polyhedra, 121--130.
    17. Sadi Abu-Saymeh, Mowaffaq Hajja, and Hassan Ali ShahAli, Another variation of the Steiner-Lehmus theme, 131--140.
    18. Yaroslav Bezverkhnyev, Haruki's lemma for conics, 141--145.
    19. Kurt Hofstetter, A simple compass-only construction of the regular pentagon, 147--148.
    20. Quang Tuan Bui, Two more Powerian pairs in the arbelos, 149--150.
    21. Miklos Hoffmann and Sonja Gorjanc,
    On the generalized Gergonne point and beyond, 151--155.
    22. Mowaffaq Hajja, Stronger forms of the Steiner-Lehmus theorem, 157--161.
    23. Yu-Dong Wu, A new proof of a weighted Erdos-Mordell type inequality, 163--166.
    24. Michel Bataille, Another compass-only construction of the golden section and of the regular pentagon, 167--169.
    25. Giovanni Lucca, Some identities arising from inversion of Pappus chains in an arbelos, 171--174.
    26. Clark Kimberling, Second-degree involutory symbolic substitutions, 175--182.
    27. Jan Vonk, On the Nagel line and a prolific polar triangle, 183--196.
    28. Victor Oxman, A purely geometric proof of the uniqueness of a triangle with prescribed angle bisectors, 197--200.
    29. Eisso J. Atzema, An elementary proof of a theorem by Emelyanov, 201--204.
    30. Shao-Cheng Liu, A generalization of Thebault's theorem on the concurrency of three Euler lines, 205--208.