Forum Geometricorum
Volume 9 (2009)

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    1. Eisso J. Atzema, On n-sections and reciprocal quadrilaterals, 1--17.
    2. Steve Butler, The lost daughters of Gergonne, 19--26.
    3. Clark Kimberling, Mappings associated with vertex triangles, 27--39.
    4. Allan J. MacLeod, On integer relations between the area and perimeter of Heron triangles, 41--46.
    5. Jan Vonk, The Feuerbach point and reflections of the Euler line, 47--55.
    6. Zvonko Cerin, Rings of squares around orthologic triangles, 57--80.
    7. Paris Pamfilos, On the Newton line of a quadrilateral, 81--98.
    8. Cristinel Mortici, Folding a square to identify two adjacent sides, 99--107.
    9. Harold Connelly, An extension of triangle constructions from located points, 109--112.
    10. Nicusor Minculete, Characterizations of a tangential quadrilateral, 113--118.
    11. Cosmin Pohoata, A note on the anticomplements of the Fermat points, 119--123.
    12. Paul Yiu, Heptagonal triangles and their companions, 125--148.
    13. Shao-Cheng Liu, The symmedian point and concurrent antiparallel images, 149--154.
    14. Robert Olah-Gal and Jozsef Sandor, On trigonometric proofs of the Steiner-Lehmus theorem, 155--160.
    15. Harold Connelly and Beata Randrianantoanina, An angle bisector parallel applied to triangle construction, 161--163.
    16. Peter Yff, A family of quartics associated with a triangle, 165--171.
    17. Giovanni Lucca, Circle chains inside a circular segment, 173--179.
    18. David Graham Searby, On three circles, 181--193.
    19. Dan Ismailescu and Adam Vojdany, Class preserving dissections of convex quadrilaterals, 195--211.
    20. Dimitris Vartziotis and Joachim Wipper, On the construction of regular polygons and generalized Napoleon vertices, 213--223.
    21. Nikolaos Dergiades, A simple barycentric coordinates formula, 225--228.
    22. Paris Pamfilos, Conic homographies and bitangent pencils, 229--257.
    23. Nikolas Dergiades and Juan Carlos Salazar, Some triangle centers associated with the tritangent circles, 259--270.
    24. Nikolai Ivanov Beluhov, Ten concurrent Euler lines, 271--274.
    25. Jason Zimba, On the possibility of trigonometric proofs of the Pythagorean theorem, 275--278.
    26. Alexey V. Ustinov, On the construction of a triangle from the feet of its angle bisectors, 279--280.
    27. John F. Goehl, Jr, Pythagorean triangles with square of perimeter equal to an integer multiple of area, 281--282.
    28. Shao-Cheng Liu, Trilinear polars and antiparallels, 283--290.
    29. Dan Marinescu, Mihai Monea, Mihai Opincariu, and Marian Stroe, A sequence of triangles and geometric inequalities, 291--295.
    30. Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, Trilinear polars of Brocardians, 297--300.
    31. Antreas P. Hatzipolakis and Paul Yiu, Reflections in triangle geometry, 301--348.