Forum Geometricorum
Volume 10 (2010)

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    1. Quang Tuan Bui, A triad of similar triangles associated with the perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle, 1--6.
    2. J. Marshall Unger, A new proof of a hard but important Sangaku problem, 7--13.
    3. Roger C. Alperin, The Poncelet pencil of rectangular hyperbolas, 15--20.
    4. Nicolae Anghel, A maximal parallelogram characterization of ovals having circles as orthoptic curves, 21--25.
    5. Martin Josefsson, On the inradius of a tangential quadrilateral, 27--34.
    6. Boris Odehnal, Some triangle centers associated with the circles tangent to the excircles, 35--40.
    7. Nikolaos Dergiades, Conics tangent at the vertices to two sides of a triangle, 41--53.
    8. Benedetto Scimemi, Simple relations regarding the Steiner inellipse of a triangle, 55--77.
    9. Maria Flavia Mammana, Biagio Micale, and Mario Pennisi, Orthic quadrilaterals of a convex quadrilateral, 79--91.
    10. Bojan Hvala, Diophantine Steiner triples and Pythagorean-type triangles, 93--97.
    11. Paris Pamfilos, Three maximal cyclic quadrangles, 99--107.
    12. Gotthard Weise, Iterates of Brocardian points and lines, 109--118.
    13. Martin Josefsson, Calculations concerning the tangent lengths and tangency chords of a tangential quadrilateral, 119--130.
    14. Giovanni Lucca, Generalized Fibonacci circle chains, 131--133.
    15. Clark Kimberling, Trilinear distance inequalities for the symmedian point, the centroid, and other triangle centers, 135--139.
    16. Nikolaos Dergiades, Construction with inscribed ellipses in a triangle, 141--148.
    17. Allan MacLeod, Integer triangles with $R/r = N$, 149--155.
    18. Cosmin Pohoata, On the Euler reflection point, 157--163.
    19. Martin Josefsson, Characterizations of bicentric quadrilaterals, 165--173.
    20. Paul Yiu, The circles of Lester, Evans, Parry, and their generalizations, 175--209.