Forum Geometricorum
Volume 10 (2011)

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    1. Alain Levelut, A note on the Hervey point of a complete quadrilateral, 1 --7.
    2. Arie Bialostocki and Dora Bialostocki, The incenter and an excenter as solutions to an extremal problem, 9--12.
    3. Jan Vonk and J. Chris Fisher, Translation of Fuhrmann's ``Sur un nouveau cercle associe a un triangle, 13--26.
    4. Paris Pamfilos, Triangles with given incircle and centroid, 27--51.
    5. Jo Niemeyer, A simple construction of the golden section, 53.
    6. Michel Bataille, Another simple construction of the golden section, 55.
    7. Michel Bataille, On the foci of circumparabolas, 57--63.
    8. Martin Josefsson, More characterizations of tangential quadrilaterals, 65--82.
    9. Peter J. C. Moses and Clark Kimberling, Perspective isoconjugate triangle pairs, Hofstadter pairs, and crosssums on the nine-point circle, 83--93.
    10. Darren C. Ong, On a theorem of intersecting conics, 95--107.
    11. Maria Flavia Mammana, Biagio Micale, and Mario Pennisi, The Droz-Farny circles of a convex quadrilateral, 109--119.
    12. Roger C. Alperin, Solving Euler's triangle problems with Poncelet's pencil, 121--129.
    13. Nguyen Minh Ha and Bui Viet Loc, More on the extension of Fermat's problem, 131--138.
    14. Hiroshi Okumura, More on twin circles of the skewed arbelos, 139--144.
    15. Luis Gonzalez, On a triad of circles tangent to the circumcircle and the sides at their midpoints, 145--154.
    16. Martin Josefsson, The area of a bicentric quadrilateral, 155--164.
    17. Martin Josefsson, When is a tangential quadrilateral a kite? 165--174.
    18. Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck, On a certain cubic geometric inequality, 175--181.
    19. Joel C. Langer and David A. Singer, The lemniscatic chessboard, 183--199.
    20. Floor van Lamoen, A spatial view of the second Lemoine circle, 201--203.
    21. Michael J. G. Scheer, A simple vector proof of Feuerbach's theorem, 205--210.
    22. Larry Hoehn, A new formula concerning the diagonals and sides of a quadrilateral, 211--212.
    23. Martin Josefsson, The area of the diagonal point triangle, 213--216.
    24. Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, Collinearity of the first trisection points of cevian segments, 217--221.
    25. Mihai Cipu, Cyclic quadrilaterals associated with squares, 223--229.
    26. William N. Franzsen, The distance from the incenter to the Euler line, 231--236.
    27. Paul Yiu, Rational Steiner porism, 237--249.
    28. Quang Tuan Bui, Golden sections in a regular hexagon, 251--254.
    29. Nikolaos Dergiades and Paul Yiu, The golden section with a collapsible compass only, 255--259.
    30. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann, Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, and Alexei Myakishev, Construction of circles through intercepts to paralells to cevians, 261--268.
    31. Nikolas Dergiades, Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, and Sung Hyun Lim, On six circumcenters and their concyclicity, 269--275.