Forum Geometricorum
Volume 12 (2012)

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    1. Gotthard Weise, Generalization and extension of the Wallace theorem, 1--11.
    2. Martin Josefsson, Characterizations of orthodiagonal quadrilaterals, 13--25.
    3. John F. Goehl, Jr., More integer triangles with R/r=N, 27--28.
    4. Larry Hoehn, The isosceles trapezoid and its dissecting similar triangles, 29--38.
    5. Nguyen Minh Ha and Nguyen Pham Dat, Synthetic proofs of two theorems related to the Feuerbach point, 39--46.
    6. Maria Flavia Mammana, Biagio Micale, and Mario Pennisi, Properties of valtitudes and vaxes of a convex quadrilateral, 47--61.
    7. Martin Josefsson, Similar metric characterizations of tangential and extangential quadrilaterals, 63--77.
    8. Martin Josefsson, A new proof of Yun's inequality or bicentric quadrilaterals, 79--82.
    9. Gregoire Nicollier Reflection triangles and their iterates, 83--128; correction, 129.
    10. Alberto Mendoza Three conics derived from perpendicular lines, 131--139.
    11. Luis Gonzalez and Cosmin Pohoata, On the intersections of the incircle and the cevian circumcircle of the incenter, 141--148.
    12. Catalin Barbu and Ion Patrascu, Some properties of the Newton-Gauss line, 149--152.
    13. Nikolaos Dergiades, Harmonic conjugate circles relative to a triangle, 153--159.
    14. Olga Radko and Emmanuel Tsukerman, The perpendicular bisector construction, isotopic point and Simson line, 161--189.
    15. Albrecht Hess, A highway from Heron to Brahmagupta, 191--192.
    16. Debdyuti Banerjee and Nikolaos Dergiades, Alhazen's circular billiard problem, 193--196.
    17. Dragutin Svrtan and Darko Veljan, Non-Euclidean versions of some classical triangle inequalities, 197--209.
    18. John F. Goehl, Jr., Finding integer-sided triangles with P^2 = nA, 211--213.
    19. Floor van Lamoen, The spheres tangent externally to the tritangent spheres of a triangle, 215--218.
    20. Paul Yiu, Sherman's fourth side of a triangle, 219--225.
    21. Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck, Improving upon a geometric inequality of third order, 227--235.
    22. Martin Josefsson, Maximal area of a bicentric quadrilateral, 237--241.
    23. Maria Flavia Mammana, The maltitude construction in a convex noncyclic quadrilateral, 243--246.
    24. Harold Reiter and Arthur Holshouser, Using complex weighted centroids to create homothetic polygons, 247--251.
    25. Manfred Evers, Generalizing orthocorrespondence, 255--281.
    26. Wladimir G. Boskoff, Lucy H. Odom, and Bogdan D. Suceava, An elementary view on Gromov hyperbolic spaces, 283--286.
    27. Paris Pamfilos, On tripolars and parabolas, 287--300.
    28. Nikolas Dergiades and Sung Hyun Lim, The butterfly theorem revisited, 301--304.