Forum Geometricorum
Volume 13 (2013)

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    1. Frank M. Jackson, Soddyian triangles, 1--6.
    2. Nikolaos Dergiades and Alexei Myakishev, A triad of circles tangent internally to the nine-point circle, 7--10.
    3. Albrecht Hess, Bicentric quadrilaterals through inversion, 11--15.
    4. Martin Josefsson, Five proofs of an area characterization of rectangles, 17--21.
    5. Martin Josefsson, Characterizations of trapezoids, 23--35.
    6. Maria Calvo and Vicente Munoz, The most inaccessible point of a convex domain, 37--52.
    7. Douglas W. Mitchell, Perpendicular bisectors of triangle sides, 53--59.
    8. Gregoire Nicollier, Convolution filters for triangles, 61--85.
    9. Paul Yiu, On the conic through the intercepts of the three lines through the centroid and the intercepts of a given line, 87--102.
    10. Antonio M. Oller-Marcen, The f-belos, 103--111.
    11. Victor Oxman and Moshe Stupel, Why are the side lengths of the squares inscribed in a triangle so close to each other?, 113--115.
    12. Paris Pamfilos, Pairings of circles and Sawayama's theorem, 117--131.
    13. Larry Hoehn, Derivation of the law of cosines via the incircle, 133--153.
    14. Zvonko Cerin, On the Fermat geometric problem, 135--147.
    15. Floor van Lamoen, Jigsawing a quadrangle from a triangle, 149--152.
    16. Daniela Ferrarello, Maria Flavia Mammana and Mario Pennisi, Pedal polygons, 153--164.
    17. Nikolaos Dergiades, Special inscribed trapezoids in a triangle, 165--167.
    18. Wladimir G. Boskoff, Laurentiu Homentcovschi and Bogdan D. Suceava, Gossard's perspector and projective consequences, 169--184.
    19. Naoharu Ito and Harald K. Wimmer, A sangaku-type problem with regular polygons, triangles, and congruent incircles, 185--190.
    20. Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, A generalization of the Conway circle, 191--1952.
    21. Emmanuel Tsukerman, On polygons admitting a Simson line as discrete analogs of parabolas, 197--208.
    22. Mehmet Efe Akengin, Zeyd Yusuf Koroglu and Yigit Yargic, Three natural homoteties of the nine-point circle, 209--218.
    23. Colleen Nielsen and Christa Powers, Intersecting equilateral triangles, 219--225.
    24. Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, Some simple results on cevian quotients, 227--231.
    25. Cesare Donolato, A vector-based proof of Morley's trisector theorem, 233--235; corrigendum, 236.