Forum Geometricorum
Volume 14 (2014)

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    1. Martin Josefsson, Angle and circle characterizations of tangential quadrilaterals, 1--13.
    2. Paris Pamfilos, The associated harmonic quadrilateral, 15--29.
    3. Grégoire Nicollier, Dynamics of the nested triangles formed by the tops of the perpendicular bisectors, 31--41.
    4. J. Marshall Unger, Kitta's double-locked problem, 43--50.
    5. Marie-Nicole Gras, Distances between the circumcenter of the extouch triangle and the classical centers, 51--61.
    6. Sándor N. Kiss and Paul Yiu, The touchpoints triangles and the Feuerbach hyperbolas, 63--86.
    7. Benedetto Scimemi, Semi-similar complete quadrangles, 87--106.
    8. José L. Ramírez, Inversions in an ellipse, 107--115.
    9. Bryan Brzycki, On a geometric locus in taxicab geometry, 117--121.
    10. Dao Thanh Oai, A simple proof of Gibert's generalization of the Lester circle theorem, 123--125.
    11. Cristinel Mortici, A note on the Fermat-Torricelli point of a class of polygons, 127--128.
    12. Martin Josefsson, Properties of equidiagonal quadrilaterals, 129--144.
    13. Michal Rolinek and Le Anh Dung, The Miquel points, pseudocircumcenter, and Euler-Poncelet point of a complete quadrilateral, 145--153.
    14. Emmanuel Antonio Jose Garcia, A note on reflections, 155--161.
    15. Nikolaos Dergiades, Antirhombi, 163--171.
    16. Bernard Gibert, Asymptotic directions of pivotal isocubics, 173--189.
    17. Bernard Gibert, The Cevian Simson transformation, 191--200.
    18. Dao Thanh Oai, Two pairs of Archimedean circles in the arbelos, 201--202.
    19. Gotthard Weise, On some triads of homothetic triangles, 203--215.
    20. Manfred Evers, Symbolic substitution has a geometric meaning, 217--232.
    21. Michael de Villiers, Quasi-circumcenters and a generalization of the quasi-Euler line to a hexagon, 233--236.
    22. Surajit Dutta, A simple property of isosceles triangles with applications, 237--240.
    23. Hiroshi Okumura, A note on Haga's theorems in paper folding, 241--242.
    24. Nikolaos Dergiades, Dao's theorem on six circumcenters associated with a cyclic hexagon, 243--246.
    25. Tran Quang Hung, Two tangent circles from jigsawing quadrangle, 247--248.
    26. Tran Quang Hung, Two more pairs of Archimedean circles in the arbelos, 249--251.
    27. Floor van Lamoen, A special point in the arbelos leading to a pair of Archimedean circles, 253--254.
    28. Paul Yiu, Three constructions of Archimedean circles in an arbelos, 255--260.
    29. Telv Cohl, A purely synthetic proof of Dao's theorem on six circumcenters associated with a cyclic hexagon, 261--264.
    30. Jesus Torres, The triangle of reflections, 265--294.
    31. Paris Pamfilos, A gallery of conics by five elements, 295--348.
    32. Shao-Cheng Liu, On two triads of triangles associated with the perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle, 349--368.
    33. Hiroshi Okumura, Archimedean circles related to the Schoch line, 369--370.
    34. Thierry Gensane and Pascal Honvault, Optimal packings of two ellipses in a square, 371--380.
    35. Martin Josefsson, The diagonal point triangle revisited, 381--385.
    36. Francisco Javier Garcia Capitan, A simple construction of an inconic, 387--388.
    37. Albrecht Hess, On a circle containing the incenters of tangential quadrilaterals, 389--396.
    38. Mihaly Bencze and Ovidiu T. Pop, Congruent contiguous excircles, 397--402.
    39. Nguyen Thanh Dung, Some circles associated with the Feuerbach points, 403--408.
    40. Nikolaos Dergiades, Generalized Archimedean arbelos twins, 409--418.