Forum Geometricorum
Volume 16 (2016)

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1. Jaydeep Chipalkatti, On the coincidences of Pascal lines, 1--21.
2. Hiroshi Okumura, Two pairs of Archimedean circles derived from a square,, 23--24.
3. Shane Chern, Integral right triangle and rhombus pairs with a common area and a common perimeter, 25--27.
4. Nikolaos Dergiades, Geogebra construction of the roots of quadratic, cubic and quartic equations, 29--35.
5. Joseph Tonien, Trisecting an angle correctly up to arcminute, 37--41.
6. Jawad Sadek, Magid Bani-Yaghoub, and Noah H. Rhee, Isogonal conjugates in a tetrahedron, 43--50.
7. Antonio M. Oller-Marcén Archimedes' arbelos to the n-th dimension, 51--56.
8. Nguyen Van Linh, Another synthetic proof of Dao's generalization of the Simson line theorem, 57--61.
9. Alan Horwitz, A ladder ellipse problem, 63--67.
10. Pascal Schreck, Pascal Mathis, Vesna Marinkovic, and Predrag Janicic, Wernick's list: a final update, 69--80.
11. Yurii N. Maltsev and Anna S. Kuzmina, An improvement of Birsan's inequalities for the sides of a triangle, 81--84.
12. J. Marshall Unger, Solutions of two Japanese ellipse problems, 85--94.
13. Hartmut Warm, The golden section in a planar quasi twelve-point star, 95--98.
14. Csaba Biró and Robert C. Powers, A strong triangle inequality in hyperbola geometry, 99--114.
15. Paris Pamfilos, The triangle construction { α, b-c, t_A} 115--117.

16. Emmanuel A. J. García and Paul Yiu, Golden sections of triangle centers in the golden triangles, 119--124.
17. Dieter Ruoff, Ascending lines in the hyperbolic plane, 125--132.
18. Igor Minevich and Patrick Morton, A quadrilateral half-turn theorem, 133--139.
19. Arthur Holshouser, Stanislav Molchanov, and Harold Reiter, Applying Poncelet's theorem to the pentagon and the pentagonal star, 141--149.
20. Arthur Holshouser, Stanislav Molchanov, and Harold Reiter, A special case of Poncelet's problem, 151--170.
21. Sándor N. Kiss and ZoltánKovács, Isogonal conjugacy through a fixed point theorem, 171--178.
22. Kenta Kobayashi, A recursive formula for the circumradius of the n-simplex, 179--184.
23. Cesare Donolato, A proof of the butterfly theorem using Ceva's theorem, 185--186.
24. Junghyun Lee, Minyoung Hwang, and Cheolwon Bae, Some loci in the animation of a Sangaku diagram, 187--191.
25. Joachim König and Dmitri Nedrenco, Septic equations are solvable by 2-fold origami, 193--205.
26. Paris Pamfilos, On the diagonal and inscribed pentagons of a pentagon, 207--225.
27. Poo-Sung Park, Regular polytopic distances, 227--232.
28. Grégoire Nicollier, Area of the orthic quadrilaterals of a convex cyclic orthodiagonal quadrilateral, 233--239.
29. Gotthard Weise, Cevian projections of inscribed triangles and generalized Wallace lines, 241--248.
30. Abdilkadir Altintaş, Some collinearities in the heptagonal triangle, 249--256.
31. Francisco Javier García Capitán, Locus of centroids of similar inscribed triangles, 257--267.
32. Dao Thanh Oai, Some golden sections in the equilateral and right isosceles triangles, 269--272.
33. Djura Paunić and Paul Yiu, Regular polygons and the golden section, 273--281.
34. Sándor N. Kiss, A distance property of the Feuerbach point and its extension, 283--290.
35. Dimitris M. Christodoulou, Euclidean figures and solids without incircles or inspheres, 291--298.
36. Nguyen Thanh Dung, The Feuerbach point and the Fuhrmann triangle, 299--311.
37. Pascal Honvault, Similarities on a sphere, 313--316.
38. Dao Thanh Oai, Nguyen Tien Dung and Pham Ngoc Mai, A strengthened version of the Erdos-Mordell inequality, 317--321.
39. Jozsef Vass, Apollonian circumcircles of IFS fractals, 323--330.
40. Paris Pamfilos, A characterization of the rhombus, 331--336.
41. Martin Celli, A proof of the butterfly theorem using the similarity factor of the two wings, 337--338.
42. Glenn T. Vickers, The 19 congruent Jacobi triangles, 339--344.
43. Tran Quang Hung, Another synthetic proof of the butterfly theorem using the midline in triangle, 345--346.
44. Grégoire Nicollier, Two six-circle theorems for cyclic pentagons, 347--354.
45. Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck, Some monotonicity results related to the Fermat point of a triangle, 355--366.
46. Cyril Letrouit, On a new generalization of the Droz-Farny line, 367--369.
47. Tran Quang Hung, Euler line in the golden rectangle, 371--372.>
48. Sándor N. Kiss, Distances among the Feuerbach points, 373--379.
49. Albrecht Hess, Daniel Perrin, and Mehdi Trense A group theoretic interpretation of Poncelet's theorem -- the real case, 381--395.
50. Grégoire Nicollier, Minimal proof of a generalized Droz-Farny theorem, 397--398.
51. Sergey F. Osinkin, On the existence of a triangle with prescribed bisector lengths, 399--405.
52. Gerhard Heindl, How to compute a triangle with prescribed lengths of its internal angle bisectors, 407--414.
53. Ngo Quang Duong and Vu Thanh Tung, A generalization of Droz-Farny's line theorem with orthologic triangles, 415--418.
54. Giovanni Lucca, Circle chains inscribed in symmetrical lenses and integer sequences, 419--427.
55. Frank Leitenberger, Iterated harmonic divisions and the golden ratio, 429--430.