Forum Geometricorum
Volume 17 (2017)

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1. Jan Kristian Haugland, A note on conic sections and tangent circles, 1--12.
2. Gera T. Soldatos, A toroidal approach to the Archimedean quadrature, 13--15.
3. Manfred Pietsch, The golden ratio and regular polygons, 17--19.
4. Giovanni Lucca, Circle chains inscribed in symmetrical lunes and integer sequences, 21--29.
5. Chai Wah Wu, Counting the number of isosceles triangles in rectangular regular grids, 31--39.
6. Giovanni Lucca, Chains of tangent circles inscribed in a triangle, 41--44.
7. Li Zhou, Do dogs know the bifurcation locus?, 45--46.
8. Tran Quang Hung, Another simple construction of the golden section with equilateral triangles, 47--48.
9. Mark Shattuck, Steiner-Lehmus type results related to the Gergonne point of a triangle, 49--62.
10. Paris Pamfilos, Putting the icosahedron into the octahedron, 63--71.
11. Jaydeep Chipalkatti, Pascal's hexagram and the geometry of the Ricochet configuration, 73--91.
12. Tran Quang Hung, A simple synthetic proof of Lemoine's theorem, 93--95.
13. Elliott A. Weinstein and John D. Klemm, An improved inequality for the perimeter of a quadrilateral, 97--100.
14. Glenn T. Vickers, Equilateral Jacobi triangles, 101--113.
15. Martin Celli, Convexity and non-differentiable singularities in Mortici's paper on Fermat-Torricelli points, 115--117.
16. Nguyen Tien Dung, Another purely synthetic proof of Lemoine's theorem, 119--121.
17. Dragutin Svrtan and Darko Veljan, Side lengths of Morley triangles and tetrahedra, 123--142.
18. Paris Pamfilos, Gergonne meets Sangaku, 143--148.
19. Dorin Andrica and Dan Stefan Marinescu, New interpolation inequalities to Euler's R >= 2r, 149--156.
20. Sandor N. Kiss and Paul Yiu, On the Tucker circles, 157--175.
21. Prasanna Ramakrishnan, Projective geometry in relation to the excircles, 177--183.
22. Thomas D. Maienschein and Michael Q. Rieck, Triangle constructions based on angular coordinates, 185--195.
23. Dan Stefan Marinescu and Mihai Monea, About a strengthened version of Erdos-Mordell inequality, 197--202.
24. Navneel Singhal, On the orthogonality of a median and a symmedian, 203--206.
25. Jorge C. Lucero, On the elementary single-fold operations of Origami: Reflections and incidence constraints on the plane, 207--221.
26. David Fraivert, Properties of the tangents to a circle that forms Pascal points on the sides of a convex quadrilateral, 223--243.
27. Nikolaos Dergiades and Dimitri M. Christodoulou, The two incenters of an arbitrary convex quadrilateral, 245--254.
28. Albrecht Hess, A group theoretic interpretation of Poncelet's theorem, part 2: the complex case, 255--272.
29. Özcan Gelisgen, On the relations between truncated cuboctahedron, truncated icosidodecahedron and metrics, 273--285.
30. Tran Quang Hung, Another simple construction of the golden section in an isosceles triangle, 287--288.
31. Dasari Naga Vijay Krishna, On the Feuerbach triangle, 289--300.
32. Kenzi Sato, Orthocenters of simplices on spheres, 301--324.
33. Manfred Evers, On centers and central lines of triangles in the elliptic plane, 325--354.
34. Nguyen Tien Dung, Three synthetic proofs of the Butterfly Theorem, 355--358.
35. Milorad R. Stevanovic, Predrag B. Petrovic, and Marina M. Stevanovic, Radii of circles in Apollonius' problem, 359--372.
36. Todor Zaharinov, The Simson triangle and its properties, 373--381.
37. Dixon J. Jones, The periambic constellation: Altitudes, perpendicular bisectors, and other radical axes in a triangle, 383--399.
38. Todor Zaharinov, Orthopoles, flanks, and Vecten points, 401--410.
39. Jose De la Cruz and John F. Goehl, Jr., Two interesting integer parameters of integer-sided triangles, 411--417.
40. Yong Zhang and Jinyao Peng, Heron triangle and rhombus pairs with a common area and a common perimeter, 419--423.
41. Jawad Sadek, Isogonal conjugates in an n-simplex, 425--432.
42. Andrei Moldavanov, Classical right-angled triangles and the golden ratio, 433--437.
43. Andrei Moldavanov, The first sharp gyrotriangle inequality in M\"{o}bius gyrovector space (D, oplus, otimes), 439--447.
44. Igor Minevich and Patrick Morton, A cevian locus and the geometric construction of a special elliptic curve, 449--464.
45. Dimitri M. Christodoulou, Golden elliptical orbits in Newtonian gravitation, 465--471.
46. Paris Pamfilos, On some elementary properties of quadrilaterals, 473--482.
47. Kenzi Sato, Orthocenters of simplices in hyperbolic spaces, 483--508.
48. David Fraivert, Properties of a Pascal points circle in a quadrilateral with perpendicular diagonals, 509--526.
49. George E. Lefkaditis, Thomas L. Toulias, and Stelios Markatis, On the circumscribing ellipse of three concentric ellipses, 527--547.