Forum Geometricorum
Volume 19 (2019)

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      8.  Hiroshi Okumura, A remark on Archimedean incircles of an isosceles triangle, 59—61.

      7.  Le Viet An and Emmanuel A. J. García, Some Archimedean circles in an arbelos, 53—58.

     6.  Jorge C. Lucero, Division of an angle into equal parts and construction of regular polygons by multi-fold origami, 45—52.

     5.  Michael Diao and Andrew Wu,  The radical axis of the circumcircle and incircle of a bicentric quadrilateral, 39—43.

     4.  Kai Wang, Heptagonal triangle and trigonometric identities, 29—38.

     3.  Sándor Nagydobai Kiss,  Adjugate points and adjugate triangle, 17--28.

     2.  Giovanni Lucca, Integer sequences and circle chains inside a hyperbola, 11—16.

     1.  Özcan Gelişgen and Temel Ermis, Some properties of inversions in alpha plane, 1--9.