FORUM GEOMETRICORUM, a freely accessible electronic journal on classical euclidean geometry and related areas, aims at bringing to a wide, international readership the beauty, elegance, and usefulness of elementary geometry, in research and in teaching. PAPERS ARE PUBLISHED IN ENGLISH ONLY, freely downloadable in postscript and pdf formats. The journal focuses on concrete but challenging problems of euclidean geometry and related areas, that can be conducted by mathematicians, professional and amateur alike. Papers will feature the long and interesting history of the subject.  We shall also strive to incorporate beautiful illustrations made possible by contemporary technology. In this way, the editors of Forum Geometricorum intend to influence in a profoundly positive way the instructions of geometry, and mathematics in general, up to the college level. We sincerely hope that participation in this forum, as readers, authors, and editors, will make teachers better scholars, and scholars better teachers.

FORUM GEOMETRICORUM  covers the following areas listed in the Mathematics Subject Classification 2000:

Primary: 51Mxx, 51Nxx, 51Axx, 51-02,03,04.
Secondary: 11D04,09,25,41,99; 15-XX; 01-XX.

We welcome submissions of papers of the following types:

  1. LONG ARTICLES on themes and problems in elementary geometry and related areas. Articles should be mainly mathematical and discussions on pedagogical issues should be tangential but constructive.
  2. SHORT NOTES on interesting problems, new insights on old theorems, and the uses of dynamic softwares on ruler-and-compass constructions. The quality of a short note should be comparable to those published in the American Mathematical Monthly.
  3. LETTERS to the EDITORS offering constructive criticisms on papers published in Forum Geometricorum, especially relevant bibliographical (and biographical) informations that escape the attentions of authors, referees, and editors.
Please see Instructions to Authors.
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