Zvonko Cerin,  Loci Related to Variable Flanks,

Forum Geometricorum, 2 (2002) 105--113.

Abstract:  Let  BR_1R_2C,  CR_3R_4A, AR_5R_6B be rectangles build on sides of a triangle ABC such that the oriented distances |BR_1|,  |CR_3|, |AR_5|  are  \lambda |BC|, \lambda |CA|, \lambda |AB| for
some real number \lambda. We shall explore relationships among central points of ABC, AR_4R_5, BR_6R_1, and CR_2R_3. Our results extend recent results by Hoehn, van Lamoen, C. Pranesachar and Venkatachala who considered the case when \lambda=1 (with squares erected on sides).

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