Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon A. Mnatsakanian, Volumes of solids swept tangentially around general surfaces,
Forum Geometricorum, 15 (2015) 45--72.

Abstract. In Part I (Forum Geom., 15 (2015) 13-44) the authors introduced solid tangent sweeps and solid tangent clusters produced by sweeping a planar region S tangentially around cylinders. This paper extends Part I by sweeping S not only along cylinders but also around more general surfaces, cones for example. Interesting families of tangentially swept solids of equal height and equal volume are constructed by varying the cylinder or the planar shape S. For most families in this paper the solid tangent cluster is a classical solid whose volume is equal to that of each member of the family. We treat many examples including familiar quadric solids such as ellipsoids, paraboloids, and hyperboloids, as well as examples obtained by puncturing one type of quadric solid by another, all of whose volumes are obtained with the extended method of sweeping tangents. Surprising properties of their centroids are also derived.

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